June 16, 2005
Crab Anyone?

And to think people eat these from the bay.

When Johnson called scientists at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, they were just as amazed at the crab, which they call a "bilateral gynandromorph" because its gender is literally split down the middle.
Posted by Ellen at June 16, 2005 04:09 PM

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Well, amongst us humans, I think the statistics have it that 1:5000 are hermaphrodites, so it's not too strange to think that a crab or two out there is.

However, when they put it in with a female that was ready to mate, that was a bit telling. Seems that the guy behavior came out first, then the female surfaced. Which might be a parallel for life: During mating times, males tend to focus on nothing but sex. However, once they've achieved that,it's off to think about other things - which, in this case, may have let the female part take over.


Posted by: ronaprhys on June 16, 2005 04:20 PM
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