May 17, 2005
Don't Kick the Sand

ArmorGeddon is back, and in very fine form:

“Hey Sir,” SSG Terry called out to me. “Can you come take a look at this?”

I looked back at SSG Terry. He was dragging the track in the sand with his tank and the cargo strap when he suddenly had the tank halt. His arms were in the air with his hands clasped. His lips were puckered up with an “uh-oh” expression on his face.

“I saw this get uncovered as we was dragging the track from side to side so I kicked it to see what it was.”

Underneath the long length of track, under the portion pulled up by the strap, SSG Terry had unearthed a large round flat cylinder. It looked like there were a few more next to it. The thing was about the size of a plastic dog food bowl. It was light tan colored and dirty looking. Like it had been there for a long time.

That there's what ya calls a "high pucker factor" moment. One of those stories you laugh about when it's over, sort of thing.

Posted by scott at May 17, 2005 02:46 PM

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