May 16, 2005
Dino Dancing

Yet another reason to some day return to the American Museum of Natural History:

Much of what you thought you knew about dinosaurs turns out to be wrong. That's the take-home message from Dinosaurs: Ancient Fossils, New Discoveries, which opened Saturday at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.

Recent finds and technologies have revolutionized scientists' understanding of dinosaur biology, behavior and even extinction. In one especially well executed display, an animatronic T. rex moves surprisingly sluggishly, minding what researchers now believe was the animal's speed limit of 11 to 16 kilometers an hour--a striking contrast to the car-chasing pace of Jurassic Park's monster. It turns out T. rex was far too massive to be a swift stalker.

I don't care if Olivia's not going to get a boost from visiting museums. It's the price you pay for having nerds as parents! :)

Posted by scott at May 16, 2005 03:54 PM

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