April 08, 2005
Toothless Old Geezer

How long have we be putting up with crazy old relatives in our families? New evidence suggests a very long time indeed:

A nearly two-million-year-old fossil find in the Republic of Georgia may be evidence of the first signs of early human compassion, scientists say. According to a report published today in the journal Nature, the remains are from an individual who spent the last years of his life with only one tooth. This shortcoming may have left him dependent on the kindness of others in order to find sufficient sustenance.

The article goes on to note that this is the oldest example of "severe masticatory impairment" (scientist-speak for "not a tooth in his head") yet found. At 1.7 MYA, this isn't even a Homo sapien, but more likely whatever they happen to be calling (what I learned as) Homo erectus this week.

Posted by scott at April 08, 2005 01:46 PM

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