March 18, 2005
Tranquility Base Here, the Eagle has Landed

The family is now officially "on vacation".

"Gee Scott, does that mean you're actually going to leave the site alone?"

"You're obviously mistaking us for people with lives..."

We're up in Baltimore for one of Ellen's VT conferences. Ironically, this is the exact hotel we spent our first "away" vacation in, for the (I think) 1997 Balticon. Except now with high speed wireless.

Hmm? Oh go look it up. See? Told you we were nerds.

It took Olivia exactly thirty seconds to disappear underneath the bed, her location revealed by a slow "hee hee hee hee hee". Sort of like our very own curly-headed troll. Only cuter, and in diapers.

So now I'm putting alcohol into Ellen to settle her down (any sort of logistical move usually winds her up like one of those "monky-and-cymbal" toys) and playing "NoNoDon'tTouchThat" with Olivia.

I wonder if the outdoor pool is open? The film on the website said it was heated...

P.S. Hotel water is cool, especially when you can walk around in your socks and diaper gargling it. Olivia's a very special child you see.

Posted by scott at March 18, 2005 04:12 PM

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