February 10, 2005
When Jacuzzis Attack

We've already decided that if our next house has a back yard, we're getting a hot tub. My dad has one, and when we were visiting last summer, if it weren't for the drowning risk, I think Ellen would've slept in it. However, there's hot tubs, and then there's hot tubs:

Jacuzzi is synonymous of hydromassage worldwide. Pininfarina represents the culture of a project applied to innovation. An exciting encounter from which an original way of imagining and living in the bathroom is born. Pininfarina design for unique bathroom sanitary ware.

For the great unwashed in the audience (ha!), Pininfarina designs most Ferraris, some Lamborghinis, and more than a few Alfas. I'm sure these things have Ferrari prices too. Still, they're darned pretty.

Posted by scott at February 10, 2005 08:11 AM

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