February 08, 2005
Speed Kit

Ron gets a no-prize in a box for bringing us the Noble M12 GTO-R, the ultimate "not-quite-production, not-quite-kit" car. Powered by a 350 hp turbocharged V6, this mid-engined rocket is capable of mid-11 quarters and can pull over 1 G lateral acceleration.

The catch, if you can call it that, is you buy it in two pieces... the car, and then the drivetrain. Either on your own or through an "independent contractor", the two are mated after delivery, and there's your car. This (for now at least) neatly gets around all those bothersome federal testing requirements, allowing super-car level performance at a comparatively reasonable ($56,000) price.

No, you can't go pick up groceries in it. That's what the truck is for!

Posted by scott at February 08, 2005 08:40 AM

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Your price appears to be off.

"Typical complete package ranges from $79,000 to $87,000"

But regardless, I really want one. I own a Metallic Blue 93 MR2, and the blue M12 has all the looks I love in my car, plus killer performance.

/Homer drool

Now I just need a garage and $80K.


Posted by: Byna on February 9, 2005 04:26 AM
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