January 26, 2005
Good Eats God

Alton's got a new book out, so we're getting nifty articles about him again:

As an adult, Brown came to understand how cookery can be a great teaching tool.

"I wish they had offered home economics when I attended high school; I might have done better in science and math. The science of baking gives equations context," he says.

"In biology they made me dissect a fetal pig -- a skill I have never needed since. However, if they had made the class dissect a whole chicken -- now there's a life skill."

We've got Iron Chef America on season pass now. On the very first episode every dish was something we would've eaten. Which is 180 degrees out from the original, in which we considered dishes successful when we didn't gag thinking about the smell (eel ice cream, anyone?)

Then again, there's always the drinking game...

Posted by scott at January 26, 2005 07:53 PM

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hmmm - the SuperBowl party may be a bit more subdued, it sounds like we may need to Tivo the real Iron Chef and play that there drinking game...

Posted by: ron on January 26, 2005 08:33 PM
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