January 25, 2005
Cop Confessions

While I can't vouch for the legitimacy of this article from "a homicide detective from Chicago", it certainly seems interesting:

Believe it or not, people do confess. Unlike the nonsense you read in the papers, physical abuse is not used and is not effective. Physical coersion will only "lose" the offender. Creating a bond between the detective and offender is what is needed to gain a confession ... You're sitting next to some monster eating hamburgers with him. And you have to say crazy shit that revolts you like,"did the bitch like it?". Its all about keeping him talking.

Remember folks, there are only three things words* you say to police once you're under arrest, and three things only: I want a lawyer. Everything else, regardless of what they say, should be greeted with silence.

* Literalists.

Posted by scott at January 25, 2005 11:52 AM

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Isn't I Want A Lawyer 4 things??

Posted by: Jeff on January 25, 2005 12:12 PM
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