January 22, 2005
BOO F*&ing HOO!!

Time to take down the black cloth from the mirrors and stop sitting in front of the T.V sobbing about "why Bush sucks" people!

I haven't seen you pack to Canada yet! Talk, talk, talk is all you are.

Posted by Ellen at January 22, 2005 10:43 AM

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Well, as I was driving into a meeting on Thursday, the day our latest President was being sworn in, I saw a sign on the Greenway. It was one of those signs that folks make and then attach to the fences along the overpasses. The sign read, "51% does not equal a mandate". So, I'm going to take a small stab at this and figure that this was someone who didn't vote for President Bush. Could be wrong, but I think I've got this one nailed. So, that got me to thinking - what has the popular vote been over the last several elections? Did Pres. Clinton ever have the popular vote? So, I did some digging and I found that Clinton's first term had 43.28% of the popular vote with a almost 45 million votes. His second term had 50.06% of the vote with almost 47.5 million votes. Compare this to President Bush's latest results:

51.51% of the popular vote and almost 60 million votes. Wow. That's a significant difference. Based on that, I think he can claim a mandate. Especially, since this election had a 60%+ voter turnout - the highest turnout since 1968 (which, oddly enough, was another Republican victory...).

Yeah - to quote a random Democrat speaking at Condoleeza Rice's confirmation hearings - "Get over it". Yes, he was speaking to Europe about the results of the election, but it's still applicable here...

Posted by: ron on January 22, 2005 11:32 AM
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