January 20, 2005
Adventures in Daddy Sitting

While the rest of the country knows them as "federal holidays", around here they are known as "daddy days." Olivia's day care is closed on them, Ellen's work is nearly always open, and so daddy and baby get to spend the whole day together.

What I have Learned on Daddy Days:

  • Olivia likes to go outside regardless of weather or temperature.
  • Olivia considers feety pajamas perfectly good snow wear.
  • Daddy pays a price for questioning Olivia's fashion decisions.
  • A properly layered child (t-shirt, regular shirt, sweater, heavy jacket with hood, diaper, pants, extra pants, shoes, two pairs of socks) looks and walks like a very short, poorly balanced zombie.
  • Snow is really not that interesting, at least not right now. It's very wet, and very cold.
  • Doggies you meet on your walk are really cool, especially ones that give kisses.
  • Olivia almost knows the way to the playground, getting lost only about 100 yards from (what I speculate was) her goal.
  • Getting lost is cold, and makes Olivia cranky.
  • The inauguration is not proper toddler TV, and no matter how hard you try to teach them to shout, "four more years, biatch!", they just don't seem to pick it up.
  • Daddy is only allowed to read books Olivia approves of. For three minutes. Per book.
  • "Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!" is Olivia speak for "I'm sick of listening to classical music. Put my new Xuxa [shoo-sha] video on. Now."
  • Leftover pizza makes for an excellent lunch.
  • Mommy keeps Olivia from standing up in her chair because she's trying to keep her from getting hurt.
  • Daddy figures nobody's ever been killed falling four feet onto carpet, and further that if baby ever does slip she will no longer want to stand up in the chair.
  • Daddy's decision results in a far more peaceful lunch.
  • Until mommy comes home, that is.

Next up... the glory that is the afternoon nap...

Posted by scott at January 20, 2005 12:09 PM

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It took a daddy day to know that leftover pizza is king? I learned my freshman year in college, cold pizza makes an excellent lunch, breakfast, midnight munchy whatever.

Posted by: Tim on January 20, 2005 01:50 PM

Oh I knew leftover pizza made a good DADDY lunch, just wanted to confirm it with the lil' monster.

Also, if baby sees pizza, baby wants pizza. Trying to explain about toaster ovens and ten minutes does not a happy child make.

Posted by: scott on January 20, 2005 01:56 PM

What we need to teach her is that few things are better than a nice porterhouse (rare to med rare), cheese, bread, Amber's mashed potatoes, and a good glass (bottle) of wine...

Posted by: ron on January 20, 2005 04:32 PM

no matter how hard you try to teach them to shout, "four more years, biatch!", they just don't seem to pick it up.

Well, at least someone over there has good sense. Maybe she will teach you lots more as time goes on. ;)

Posted by: Joshua on January 20, 2005 06:52 PM
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