November 01, 2004
Bulletproof Music

New Scientist is carrying this article about a revolutionary new coating that makes CDs, DVDs, and even LCD screens nearly impervious to scratches and stains:

Two separate layers of fine silica particles prevent scratches, and fluorine-containing resins in each layer repel ink marks. To deposit the first layer of the new coating, a mix of silica microparticles 50 micrometres across and a solution of a fluorine-containing resin are spread on by spin-coating the surface at 8000 rpm.

No word on how much more expensive this will make, say, blank DVDs. They'll have to be careful, because if the cost is much higher than regular blanks they just won't sell. Should be an easy "get" for LCD screens and commercial CD/DVD manufacture. The former's high cost makes a coating much more desirable, and the music and movie cartels will ensure the cost of the latter are quickly passed on to the consumer.

I'm a slob when it comes to CDs, and have ruined quite a few just because I don't put them up. It'll be cool to get a set that I don't need to put up.

Posted by scott at November 01, 2004 12:33 PM

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