August 01, 2004
Strike Three, Yer Out

Instapundit brings us yet another reason to vote against Kerry:

Despite the Bush Administration's harsh stances on marijuana and drug law reform, it seems as though a Kerry Administration may be little better, and very possibly worse. If well-known drug warriors are to be believed, a Kerry Administration may actually be more interested in taking out Mary Jane and her admirers than Bin Laden and his.

This marks the third really large bullet, behind "terrorism as criminal activity" and "deficit? What's a deficit? I need that money to put you all on medicaid!" I can articulate my reasons for supporting the current administration and being against the current democratic candidate. So far the loudest stuff coming from the left is little more than "anything but"'s. Nice to motivate the grass roots, but riding it into the White House will just result in Jimmy Carter, the Sequel. Only this time Iran is already overrun with wackos. With nukes.

I'm not surprised 20-somethings want 1979 back. They only know about the funny suits and weird makeup. I'm flabberghasted anyone born before 1970 can't see "Part II" on the poster.

Posted by scott at August 01, 2004 06:57 PM

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According to

Kerry gets an A- on MJ policy reform.

From the site Marijuana Policy Project

Posted by: Lane G on August 2, 2004 07:29 AM
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