July 30, 2004
Feminism as a method to fight terrorism?

Mama Smurf brings us this article on a new method to fight terrorism: Feminism. Very interesting. Also, it's rather funny because it calls out Kerry and Edwards for trying to act as macho as possible - while behind the total lockdown of security during the DNC.

An interesting quote:

So here in one word is my new counterterrorism strategy for Kerry: feminism. Or, if that's too incendiary, try the phrase "human rights for women." I don't mean just a few opportunistic references to women, like those that accompanied the war on the Taliban and were quietly dropped by the Bush administration when that war was abandoned and Afghan women were locked back into their burkas. I'm talking about a sustained and serious effort.
Posted by ron at July 30, 2004 02:38 PM

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