July 24, 2004
Michael Moore - world's best liar?

It's no secret to those I know that I detest Michael Moore. In fact, I've vowed that not one single cent I earn will ever go to support the man. His treatment of the facts in Bowling for Columbine (and Scott's posted links to those sites, check the archives) is, IMHO, basically criminal.

However, I haven't found, until now, a good rebuttal of F911. Now, I'll admit, I'd like to see the sources quoted on this guys facts, but he makes several very good points. If you read between the lines, you'll see that this isn't a documentary - it's propaganda.

Posted by ron at July 24, 2004 12:18 PM

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Pretty scary to realize that there *isn't* a good rebuttal to F 9/11. The facts are accurate and the footage is real. Perhaps the only thing you can say is that the facts presented to us are one-sided. But to say he "lies" just makes people look a bit dull.

As Patriotic Americans, we have to accept that the information presented to us in the documentary is part of the truth, and we have to make a decision: do we love Bush or do we love America?

Posted by: Another Dreamer on July 24, 2004 07:07 PM

Actually, I'd say that my not finding a good rebuttal doesn't mean that there isn't one. It just means that I haven't found it. And interestingly enough, there have been many articles that have denounced the film. Doing a search on Criticism of F911 and guess what? You'll get several criticisms that are fairly good.

Also, my thought is that there isn't a polar choice here - it isn't do we love America or Bush at all. It's what is the best possible fit, economically, socially, security-wise, and what group will give us the most viable future on the overall.

Posted by: Ron on July 25, 2004 08:39 AM
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