June 06, 2004
En Memorium

So, while I watch the entire press corps bend over backward posthumously kissing the ass of a president they hated, I figure I'd take a bit of time to dig through the archives and post our own memorial:

Reagan inherited a shattered and weak military, incapable of even rescuing a few hostages in the desert. He inherited an economy weakened by inflation and recession. He inherited a press corps and international community happy for American weakness that made their jobs easier. Most of all he inherited a people who had sunk into despair and self-loathing over a stupid war in a stupid place that sent all too many sons home in boxes.

Reagan would have none of it. A charismatic man, someone you literally could not help but watch speaking, who had a mind like a razor and a love of country from a simpler time. He decided appeasement would not work, communism was a danger to the entire world, and only through confrontation would it be defeated. He rearmed, rebuilt, and reaffirmed America. For the first time in a very, very long time someone was standing up in front of cameras saying this country was the best country in the world, and you could be for us or against us, but you didn't want to be against us because we were going to win no matter what it took.

It's an essay more about how our perceptions of nuclear war have changed, but most readers took it as a tribute to Reagan himself. So be it.

Posted by scott at June 06, 2004 08:00 PM

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I was hoping you would write a essay just about Reagan. I have come to appreciate him more as the years have gone by and don't think he gets the full credit he deserves.

Posted by: Pat on June 6, 2004 10:35 PM

He was my first Commander-in-Chief when I started working. A true American.
God rest his soul.

Posted by: Cindy on June 11, 2004 11:30 PM
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