April 28, 2004
Anatomy of a Supercar

Slashdot linked up this "how stuff works" article on the Bugatti Veyron, a 1,000 hp supercar. A must-read for all the car nuts out there. Because it takes the "car-as-a-gizmo" angle, it's also good reading for the gadget crazies in the gallery (Joshua).

The Veyron is the SR-71 of road cars. Everything, and I mean everything, is superlative, first-in-class, and sometimes just plain nutty. However, Bugatti have a reputation for first-class vaporware cars, so personally I'll believe this thing is actually in production when I see one in all its carbon fiber glory. Otherwise it's yet another spectacular show car all the magazines spooge about periodically.

Update Slashdotters are a monument to the axiom, "those who know a lot about one thing assume they know a lot about everying." Some choice comments:

With the same tires, my car would probably stay neck and neck with this thing up to about 30 MPH.

As one who has actually tried to race a car that had 4x the horsepower, I can confidently tell you the only way you'll stay with this thing up to 30 mph is if it's towing you.

As for 1000+ hp, there are a ton of big block v8s making that power all over this country. Some making significantly more. A few even do it on pump gas

Ever tried to drive one on the street? Ever see one make that much power for more than 10 seconds? How about two hours? There's a reason why they tear down top fuel motors after every 1500 foot run.

"How do you keep a passenger car on the road at 250+ MPH?"

The answer for most people is: you don't.

Finally, one I can agree with.

Posted by scott at April 28, 2004 09:26 AM

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