April 27, 2004
The Inner Voice

The Washington Post ran this article today from a reporter just back from being "embedded" with the Marines in Fallujah:

For the next two weeks, I would live among a battalion of Marines in a deserted factory filled with thousands of crates of soda pop. Snipers and anti-rocket nets had been placed on the roof. Sandbags and barbed wire scrolls surrounded the gates.

A surprisingly even-handed account of personal experience. Again, this is an extremely important bellweather article. Forty years ago, this sort of article... personal and "I-was-there-and-this-is-what-I-saw" in tone, was where reporters were finally able to begin exposing the debacle that Vietnam was becoming.

Of course, back then a reporter would lose his job for filing a negative story on the war. The editors just wouldn't accept them, thought they were pro-communist or hurt the troops. The irony that such personal "below the radar" accounts are now used to get comparatively positive stories out should not be lost on anyone.

Posted by scott at April 27, 2004 09:37 AM

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