April 24, 2004
More Mythbusting

Instapundit leads us to the latest V.D. Handson essay, which (again) takes on the most cherished myths of the anti-war conventional wisdom and (again) provides a devastating rebuttal:

Did the administration really mislead us about the reasons to go to war, and does it really now find itself with an immoral conflict on its hands?
If anyone goes back to read justifications for Desert Fox (December 1998) or those issued right after September 11 ... then it is clear that Mr. Bush simply repeated the usual Western litany of about a decade or so ... Indeed, we opted to launch that campaign in large part because of Iraq's work on WMDs.

As always, you can only call me a chearleader after you read the article.

Posted by scott at April 24, 2004 10:49 AM

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You got to love this.

Myth1 America turned off its allies

"4,500-5,500 NATO troops in Afghanistan right now"

There is also only ~8,000 American troops so NATO is at ~50% of American troop strenght in Aghanistan.

And there is always to *Well Clinton and the EU said he had WMD's* Big differance here though is that Clinton and the EU didn't launch us into a war over this (Perhaps because they knew the Intel was Iffy??"

Oh well as with all of the Web pages Scott posts to justify the war in Iraq the glass is either Half full or Half Empty.

Posted by: Jeff on April 24, 2004 08:29 PM
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