January 16, 2004
Follow the Bouncing Bambi

I normally don't make New Years Resoloutions, mainly due to the fact they tend to last only a little longer than Olivia's diapers. But this time around I felt I was going to do something for myself for once and stick to it. It's not dieting.

Well, ok it is dieting. Well, it's supposed to be dieting. But it's dancing too! Belly dancing!

I found a new teacher in our new neighborhood and began my classes more than 2 weeks ago. Turns out having a cannon ball strapped to your belly for four months actually doesn't give you "muscle memory amnesia." Good thing too... can't look like a dolt on the first day. Well not much of one.

My new belly dance teacher is named Bambi. No, really! I'm not making this up! She even made a joke in class... "Follow the bouncing Bambi" (ok, so having a cute name doesn't necessarily mean you can tell a joke... work with me here.) All I can say is she is a nice teacher, super enthusiastic and always on 'fast foward.' She also has a huge dance background in ballet and other dance techniques.

First class was fun, I met 6 other new people, and I'm the only one who's taken belly dance before. Go me! No more belly dance equivalent of "twinkle twinkle little star"!

I remember shimmies, singles, doubles, triples, and some traveling movements. Bambi makes it lots of fun. I don't think I've ever caught on to traveling movements so fast.

Third week begins Monday, and I find myself obsessing over class. Sometimes it's the only thing I can think of all day. Yeah, I know, but belly dancing doesn't sit on my couch, drink beer, and stick its hands down its pants. Neither does it wake me up at three in the morning with an empty stomach and a full diaper. Belly dancing is civilized. I want to pop in a cd and practice till I puke.

One day when I grow up I'll make sure I get to call myself a professional.

Posted by Ellen at January 16, 2004 08:05 PM

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