January 08, 2004
Running to Sanctuary

There probably aren't any people (in the US at least) between the ages of, say, 33 and 45 who haven't seen Logan's Run, and I'll wager there are a lot of people outside that range who have seen it as well. I think my brother and I watched it every time it was a "movie of the week" on ABC or CBS or NBC (in the 70s cable was something phones used). We were big fans of the TV series too, which was so bad it lasted exactly half of one season. It'd been years since I'd seen either, so when I noticed the movie's listing on TiVo for Turner Classics, I immediately selected it.

Ellen had never seen it at all, and her verdict was, "good lord. Were people in the 70s just retarded? That movie was stoopid."

To which I replied, "Well, it wasn't stupid to a 10 year old. We thought it was slick!"

"You're not 10 years old anymore. You just act that way. What do you think now?"

"Well... it sure has a lot of pretty colors!"

Which is, of course, guyspeak for, "the women aren't wearing much."

Still, it was a pretty movie, so I wondered if there were some trivia resources available for the flick. Sure enough, The Logan's Run FAQ floated right to the top of a google search.

Primarily I was interested in where it was filmed, and sure enough as I suspected it was in a mall. In Texas, of all places. Lots of other cool/funky stuff like extra scenes and continuity goofs, basically everything there is to know about the film and the TV show.

Cheesy? Absolutely. But who doesn't like cheese?

Posted by scott at January 08, 2004 10:49 AM

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