September 18, 2003
Hurricane Blog Part 4

Journalists Survive Worst Hurricane in Century

(Reuters) Washington DC- The nation breathes easier tonight, taking comfort in the knowledge that thousands of journalists and broadcasters based in Washington DC and New York are safe.

Unlike previous hurricanes such as Andrew and Hugo, which merely killed dozens and destroyed billions of dollars of their property, Isabel threatened the very existence of this nation... its print, radio, and television journalists.

It is widely understood in media circles that sensationalizing what would otherwise have been a comparatively moderate storm was completely justified. Without such action, the dual goals of protecting thousands of preening self-indulgent peacocks while advancing the careers of weatherman wannabes would never have been achieved.

"It was spectacular", said Ima Producer of Fox News, "we got to watch an entire NBC News crew get blown into Chesapeake Bay, and my five-bedroom in Falls Church is completely safe!"

About three hours later still. Well, the wind's picked up a little more still, and it sure as hell hasn't stopped raining since, oh, since about 3 p.m. this afternoon. It's pretty dark out there right now, but no darker than any other good solid rain. And no lightning at all, at least for now.

We have it on good authority that my "we-love-the-country,-it's-so-peaceful" brother has been without power for several hours now, and he lives a good sixty miles north and west of here. One good thing about living next to an airport... your power grid is rock solid.

If the Weather Channel's to be believed, the worst of the thing is still about 20 minutes away. Even still, the weather radar still looks like a giant, solid rain, but nothing else.

Posted by scott at September 18, 2003 09:09 PM

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Posted by: Joe Villa on September 7, 2004 01:26 PM
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