August 12, 2003
Caligula Rising

Jeff gets a no-prize for this CNN bit detailing recent archeological discoveries in one of the Roman Forums (Fora?), where Caligula's palace has been the subject of a new dig. Turns out that, yes, he may just have been as crazy as everyone said he was.

I've had few doubts in my readings about how nutty Caligula was, but I do have some doubts about Nero. It took Caligula a little less than 4 years before he managed to get his throat cut in a tunnel on his way to watch a play, yet Nero lasted a full 14 years before his secretary "helped" cut his. It's been suggested more than once that Nero was excoriated by later historians not because he was a monster, but because he courted the commoners at the expense of the elite.

Posted by scott at August 12, 2003 03:57 PM

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