June 09, 2003
Ram Air ... Marketing or Mechanics?

Damion gets a no-prize fitted with an impressive scoop for bringing this discussion of why, in the author's opinion, "ram-air" is a myth. Just a point of discussion, I take no sides in the matter. I know other people who might, and who also might have a counterpoint or two available.

Posted by scott at June 09, 2003 08:39 AM

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He's both right and wrong. Ram Air is a marketing scheme. There has never been any question as to the fact that the "Ram Air" hoods on the T/As don't give you the "Ram Air" effect what the hood does is provide you with a Forced Cold Air intake (And if you seal the airbox on the things you actually get a slight low pressure effect that draws the air into the system even faster).

Doesn't make a differance you say?? Look at the differance in performance between the Ram Air T/A's hood and the Camaro SSs. The T/As takes in cold air from directly in front of the car. Chanels it directly into the air box (Replacing the Airbox Lid is actually one of the first things new owners should do to these cars because the factory lid has a bunch of baffles in it that mess up the airflow gains you ~5-10Hp over the factory one) through the air filter and then directly into the throttle body. The SS's hood scoop is in the middle further back. The air comes into the scoop, is routed around and then back into the front of the car through the air filter and into the throttle body.

So while it's true that it's not an acutal Ram Air system it does provide some benifit as a cold air induction system.

Posted by: jeff on June 9, 2003 10:15 AM
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