March 19, 2003
A Prescription to Relax

Today just blows big time. We're talking serious, cover-your-head-in-black-and-make-afghanis-say-,"wow, that chick is depressed"-sort-of-thing.

I got a 'restriction' from my doctor. I am not allowed to do my normal aerobic routine anymore. No more jumping up and down. No more laughing at the Austrailian chicks with weights going "poored concrete... in the laygs... bend ya knees pick ya bah up." No more brow beating the husband because he's a lazy lush. I have a free pass to park my ass and it's killing me.

I am only allowed to go for walks now. I did manage not to gain any weight this time around. WOOHOO! Only a 20 pound weight gain so far! On target!

This is all due to some incredible edema that occured in my ankles and knees this past week. Ankles that blew to the size of my calves ("it's because your ancestors needed to flee from the base of that volcano." says the soon-to-be-disappeared-husband) and hurt when I bend them.

I am not retaining water all over, just in my ankles, knees and fingers. Edema... it looks more like a really bad case of cellulitis (especially at 6 pm) and is rather uncomfortable.

No, they are not concerned with preclampsia. I have a normal blood pressure and am not showing any other symptoms of it. They are concerned that I am on my feet most of the day and am not able to lay down at some point to take the pressure off my feet. (Who the hell lays down at work?) I did mention that I sit down frequently, but that was quickly brushed off as that not being good enough.

I'll just have to seek out the stickiest pair of panty hose yet! Scott thinks the hose I have now could stop bullets. He ain't seen nothin' yet. I got to call A up since she works at a pharmacy for some pressure stockings! They may take 15 minutes to put on, but by god I will have ankles again, oh yes I will!

Posted by Ellen at March 19, 2003 08:22 PM

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When you sit down at work be sure to put your feet up to help prevent dependent edema. I don't know what to do for your hands. Get TED hose,you may have to go to a medical supply place but I think you can buy them at a pharmacy. They are hell to put on, but once you learn the technique I think they will do the trick. They are anti embolic stockings we put on patients who are immobile. Stay well Cookie! Not too much longer to go, do you suppose you could persuade Scott to carry her the last three months.

I will see if I can get a small pair of Teds"don't you love the name" for you this weekend so if you want to wait to see if they work I will try to get them in the mail Sat. morning.

Posted by: Pat on March 19, 2003 09:50 PM

Ellen, at some point, every pregnant woman ends up with swollen ankles. Be glad you don't have the severely edematous hands and face....been there, done that. The ankles ain't nothing compared to the hands/face thing.

Rest and relax a bit. You'll have plenty of time to run around and take aerobics after the baby's gone off to college.

Posted by: Da Goddess on March 22, 2003 03:21 AM
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