February 21, 2003
22 Weeks

22 Weeks already!? Where does the time go? I remember looking at the magic stick in the bathroom and watching Scott turn 6 shades of grey to white.

Things are starting to pick up pregnancy-wise. Olivia decided there was NO MORE room in my pelvis and literally overnight jumped into my abdomen, squashing my stomach against my diaphram and make everything a bit more jiggly than normal. I'm only 5 months, and I KNOW this is going to get worse! (So please, don't tell me how bad it can get. I take every day as a challenge and like to discover my new surprise of the morning.)

I finally have a real belly to look at in the mirror now. Scott finds it funny that when I sing to Coconut, one of the cats, (aka. Buddah Belly and her belly song *just don't ask...looong story*) in the morning, that 2 of us fit the description of having a 'belly'. I can't get enough of lotion either. Nice thick, anti-stretchmark goodness. Yeah, yeah I know, stretchmarks are genetic and also controlled by how much weight you gain, but it just feels so good to grease up and think you are making a difference. Scott calls it "applying the protective coatings."

My past exam this week at the Obgyn office was different from the rest so far. This time my midwife whipped out a minature tape measure and made sure I was 22cm. Apparently the size of your belly can determine or rather help out in determining how many weeks pregnant you are. Neat!

She also went over what to put on my 'birth plan'. Basically the do's and don'ts that I am requesting. Such as how many people do I want in the birthing suite (hence, no students, interns, people that start to annoy me ect..), how I want to have this baby (I DON'T have to lie on my back if I don't want) and of course pain control. I have already made my decisions on that area, and I won't go into it further.

I was also told to start reading up on breastfeeding. So, ok, I guess it's time to do some research on it. Of course at the book store Scott is like, "You need a manual for them!?"

"Apparently! You have to take a test to see if you qualify first to do it. I think the scantron test is in the back of the book".

If you are interested, I picked up this one. Quite funny, down to earth, and it does not make you feel like an idiot like some books out there can. I AM surpised there is not an "Idiot's guide" or a "Dummies" book on breastfeeding yet.

So I figured I give it a go when the time comes. Yeah ok, if problems occur, I know who to get some advice from... Cindy. :) The book mentions to find someone close to you to call (preferably that actually had a baby and did breastfeed) along with your doctor or "lactation consultant" (how do you get that job?) since they are able to give you their motherly advice and how they conquered any evil demons in that area.

So for 22 weeks, my Baby Center has tossed this information at me:

The baby now weighs almost a pound, measures nearly 11 inches long, and is proportioned like a newborn, albeit a thinner version since her baby fat hasn't yet developed. Although she's getting heavier every day, her skin still appears wrinkled because she needs to gain more weight. The lips are distinct and the eyes are formed, though the iris (the colored part of the eye) still lacks pigment. The pancreas, essential in the production of hormones, is developing steadily.

Even this early, the first signs of teeth appear in the form of tooth buds beneath the gum line. Before you know it, your baby will be born, and soon after, flashing his pearly whites.

You've likely gained between 12 and 15 pounds. Starting now you'll begin to put on weight more steadily, averaging about half a pound per week. You may crave certain foods, and you may notice an increased (but not bloody) vaginal discharge. Both are a normal part of being pregnant.

22 Weeks in, 18 to go.

Posted by Ellen at February 21, 2003 06:02 PM

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Exciting times!

Posted by: Pat on February 21, 2003 06:40 PM

Yeah, breastfeeding was natural and fairly easy for us. I know of one person that gave it up because it was "too painful", but I think she gave up because it was easier for her and she didn't care enough about what was best for her baby.
I wish I could tell you that I didn't get stretchmarks, but I did and big time. But I am prone to them with my skin type and sensitivity. Hope you aren't, wish ya luck.

Posted by: Cindy on February 21, 2003 10:52 PM

Well, I'm22 weeks pregnant and I have no idea what to expect (its my first). I'm getting so huge and I was tiny before so it's really depressing.
I have absoululty no one to talk to about this stuff because everyone I know had kids like 20 years ago... I need a pregnancy companion... (No pressure) j/k!!! Well thanks for listening.. Liz

Oh to contact me its Sidneyrose06@yahoo.com and the same name on the messanger.. Talk soon...

Posted by: Liz on April 26, 2005 05:20 PM
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