February 14, 2003
Happy Day!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone, and happy Birthday dad!

Thanks to everyone who has commented on Quiet Man too... that's exactly the kind of debates we're looking for. Special mention to Sesh, who sticks to his guns without getting personal.

You all seem to have voted that essay a home run, and I'm very grateful. While I'm working on the next one, you may want to peruse the archives by hitting the highlights on the left of the main page or just trolling through the essays. Last I checked there were more than a hundred of them in there, so there's bound to be something to like.

Again, thanks for visiting and don't forget to come back soon!

Posted by scott at February 14, 2003 11:57 AM

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Happy Valentine's Day right back atchya!!! My Skullie got me a huge bouquet of roses, my day has been made, yayayay!!!

So whatchya doing for Ellen?? Buying her another Oscar??

Posted by: Battie on February 14, 2003 12:26 PM
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