January 29, 2003
Olivia Rachel!

We went for the ultrasound today!!!

It's a GIRL!!!

WoOt!!! I don't have to sell it on E-bay now!

As usual for us, a normal 30 minute appointment turned into 1 1/2 hours of rolling from right to left, left to right, on my hands and knees (I was wearing a thong so I'm sure it was not the most pleasent site), getting up, using the bathroom and drinking ice cold water. Apparently the baby was being stubborn. Scott says that means it's already my child.

Not only did I have to roll around like those chicks on the Miller Light commercial, but the technician wobbled the baby (she called them earthquakes) until it wouldmove. It was the funniest thing. The baby starts flailing all over the place like little rubber baby and then, once everything was still, the baby would punch twice. Scott said that definitely made her my kid.

When the technician first started the ultrasound she noted the baby was a big drinker. It sat there gulping fluid for about 2 minutes before she moved to look at other parts. Scott said if it had a phone in its hand it would even look like me. I punched him. No, I did not see the irony. Why?!? :) The technician went to get yet another tech to see if she could get a certain heart shot. While they were prodding around the other tech looked at the baby and announced it was a girl. The first tech said she thought it was a girl too, but wanted to be sure about it. I looked at Scott and said "See!! I told you it was a girl!"

I got 6 pictures. I was going to scan them and put them on the site today, but when I plugged the scanner in, I burnt it out. I know this because it smelled really funny and the light would not come on anymore. Oh well.

Me, I think I have Ted the Cat to thank. He's the one who has been massaging his baby since the beginning. He told me he would do some magic on it to turn it to a girl. And you know what? Every time he "makes biscuits" on my belly, the baby responds by doing, oh hell I don't know, feels like backflips! We start them early over here at AMCGLTD... this one's going to be a crazy cat chick before she leaves the womb!

Posted by Ellen at January 29, 2003 05:19 PM

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After your phone call the sun came out and the whole world sparkles!! I cried, emailed everyone I know and then I hit ebay. LOL

Olivia's Arkansas Grandma!

Posted by: Pat on January 29, 2003 06:35 PM

Ellen and Scott - Congrats again! Reading your post made me smile from ear to ear!

Posted by: Elizabeth on January 29, 2003 11:26 PM

you should name her Sheena, so she can be a punk rocker

Posted by: richie on January 30, 2003 05:32 AM

YAYAY!! Congrats, yo!! Wonder if Scott will be able to get her to like cars!! hehe

I'm thinking her name or at LEAST nickname should be either: Scabette, Scarina, Kickyoassa ...

Posted by: Battie on January 30, 2003 09:52 AM

Pat is going absolutely nuts over this news.... she e-mailed me right after your phone call.... I've rarely heard from anyone that excited.

Congrats. Girls are wonderful. I should know....

Posted by: Jim S on January 30, 2003 10:55 AM

wonderful news :) congrats! PS, Olivia is a lovely lovely name.

Posted by: Pam on January 30, 2003 01:55 PM

Does that mean we get to call her Olly?? *Goes and runs behind Scott to hide and use brother as sheild* JK

Posted by: Jeff on January 30, 2003 02:22 PM

Olly? :P noooo....you are to call her Liv if anything. I do not do the redneck nicknames ya know! ;)

Posted by: Ellen on January 30, 2003 05:54 PM

I don't like nicknames either. My mom had a fit when we told her Scott was the name we picked for our first born. She insisted he would be called Scotty all his life. She as wrong, people call babies whatever name their parents use or insist other people use. Besides Olivia is a beautiful name, so is James.

Posted by: Pat on January 30, 2003 08:06 PM





Posted by: scott on January 30, 2003 08:29 PM
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