January 15, 2003
More than Just a Cold

Ok, I'm sicker than I thought. I first thought since Sunday, that I had a mild cold. Just some congestion, sneezing and achiness in my head.

This morning I have been up since 3 am hacking and gaging and unable to be comfortable. Good thing Mama is usually up at this hour surfing the net, since she is really a cat and only sleeps in 2 hour incriments. :)

First sign things are not going good. I took that damn Robitussin because I started to cough. What came up? Green nasty shit. Green=no good. Mama, of course said to watch for rust colored yuck- could indicate pneumonia. Eww.

Secondly, I told you all I yack from Robitussin. Did I yack? Of course. An hour later. Not only that, but being pregnant, I can't sneeze and hold back my bladder anymore despite all the kegals I do. So as I bowed to the toilet god, I managed to pee in my pants. Nice right? I also got banished to the couch (which I don't mind- I love my couch)since Scott drives to and from work so I can cat nap on the way in and back, so the compromise is not bad. I really don't like to wake someone else up being sick. The downstairs is much cooler. The big plus is all the cats come and congregate with me.

Bad thing about cats joining you in the bathroom while I was busy trying not to vomit up my baby, was that Goblin was trying to stick her head in the toilet at the same time to see what was going on. She has been peed on before by Scott in the middle of the night, so I'm sure being hurled on would be nothing special to her. No..I didn't puke on the cat.

So now I have to call my obgyn again this morning and tell them what is going on since they have the most control in the meds I can take. Hopefully they can just call in a prescription for me.

I still a have to go to work this am. I am the only tech on today until 1 pm. Though, I don't know about tomorrow.

Posted by Ellen at January 15, 2003 05:05 AM

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If you need a private duty RN just call out my name! I am sooo sorry you are feeling miserable. I never knew I was part cat.

Posted by: Pat on January 15, 2003 05:40 AM

I think being part cat comes with being a Mother.

I can go for weeks on interrupted 4 hours of sleep. Been doing it off and on for nearly 3 years now. Previous to that it was lazy Cindy, sleeping in on the weekends until 7 when you know which dog decides that he'll keel over unless he eats NOW.

What did the doc say E?
Yeah, green isn't good, but it's better than blood.
I really hope you're feeling better.

Posted by: Cindy on January 15, 2003 11:16 PM
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