January 13, 2003
First REAL Cold of the Year

I have finally fallen prey to this 'disease' that was being spread at my work. Normally I have no problems handling a cold. The last time I was truely sick was 3 years ago with a 102 degree fever and my boss was livid that I had to take almost a whole week off. Now mind you this was during our annual xmas party and I did manage to get dressed to drop off the present for my secret santa and the cookies I made. Scott, poor him, was made out to be the 'bad guy' because he actually dragged me out of the party within 30 minutes of arriving. I'm reminding you I had a fever at that point.

That was the last time I really got 'sick'. Now I have it again. Except for one small problem. I am limited to what medication I can take.

I call my dr's office this morning for some advice. I'm told a nurse will call me back shortly. 30 minutes later a nurse, from the other office I no longer go to is wondering why I called them for advice and not the office I normally go to. I almost cried. This is the same stupid front desk staff that manages to lose my file every time I walk in the door. The dr's and nurses are great, the receptionists, I dunno what to say other than I am ready to clack their heads against the wall.

The nurse proceeds to tell me I am only to take Sudafed, Regular Robitussin and Tylenol. Nothing else systemically. UGHH!!!! How cruel!

Robitussin is so nasty I want to vomit from the smell of it alone. Sudafed does not take care of stuffy noses very well, and tylenol is not that fantastic of a pain killer.

To make this story even more fantastic, the office I normally go to calls me at 230 pm to say they are returning my call on medication. Apparently what ever receptionist took my message FUBAR'd beyond belief. She still thinks I'm a patient at the other office, so she figured they needed to answer it. How stupid is that?

I have my 4th dr appointment next week, I'm anticipating a lost file yet again.

Posted by Ellen at January 13, 2003 04:35 PM

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I use to get sick every year with the flu and colds.
Someone told me they use to as well until they started incorporating onions, and garlic into every evening meal.
Since starting to do this they had not been sick for 5-years.
I can't manage to do this with my cooking, so I take garlic tablets.
It has been 3-years so far, and I have not been sick yet.

Posted by: Susan on January 13, 2003 05:55 PM

The things we do for our unborn children.

Posted by: Cindy on January 13, 2003 11:44 PM
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