December 15, 2002
12 Weeks

This is the last week of my First Trimester. Yeah, ok, I still forget I'm pregnant.

According to my baby calander thingy, the baby is doing this: This week, your baby's face looks practically human. Her (HER HER HER HER HER) eyes have moved closer together and her (HER HER HER HER HER) ears are right where they should be. Your baby is all of 3 inches long now and has entered what is known as the fetal period, when tissues and organs rapidly grow and mature.

Pretty weird huh? How can something be 3 inches long inside of me, let alone a uterus the size of a small melon and I cannot feel a thing. Well, almost not a thing. The only time I feel something odd is when I am exercising and doing my crunches ect... Kinda feel a large ball in my abdomen and I can't crunch as small as I used to.

I still have the two upper parts to my 6 pack abdomen, and the center line cut from my sternum to my belly button. WoOt! Not bad for a pregnant chick! Cellulite is under control, as is my diet. I'm not going too nuts, though I do find that my blood sugar is going all wonky again. Now I have to carry around granola bars (the cracker thing has made me ill since I've eaten too many these past few weeks) so I won't get these monstrous headaches (Tylenol is NO help for headaches!- they suck in that dept! Plus you can only take so many in a day.)

Scott doesn't find it funny that bedtime is right after my bath. That's about 8:30 in my world. I still feel I'm not getting enough sleep, though everyone laughs at me like I am some dumb ass fool saying: "Wait till you have the baby, then sleep becomes something you hardly hear of." Um... no shit. I never asked for a full nights sleep caring for a baby, I think I know the consequences of it. I've had my fair share of waking up every two hours for kittens. Yeah, kittens may not be people, but people won't fucking die if you forget just one feeding either. There's stress, and then there's stress...

Remember I chose to get pregnant. This was not an 'oopsie' and now I'm paying for it. Scott always says "You can sleep when you're dead." I'm not sure if I agree, but who knows...

I take frequent naps only to be woken up to the White Cat Alarm[tm] (Ajax) joyously kneading either my boobs or my full-but-not-full bladder for food and some attention. OR, 4 cats have to sleep with me during my nap. One at my head, two at the foot of the bed and one at my side. For some reason, they won't bug Scott!

Me: "Dammit you cats! Leave Mommy Cat alone for an hour! Go bother Daddy Cat!"

The cats: "Oh but Mommy Cat, your bed is so nice and toasty and you are napping so we must share the napping experience with you. Daddy Cat yells at us and calls us yak factories."

Shit. Me: "Ok, everyone in bed! Pick your position and stay in it. No stepping on the boobs or bladder!" (in the background, Ajax: "awww...")

The cats: "Whee!!!! Nap time! ZZZZzzzzZZZzzzz"

Still, the first part of the rollercoaster ride is almost over. We've pulled out of the coaster station and headed up the rail for the first drop and now we're getting ready for that first curve.

87 days pregnant, 193 days to go.

Posted by Ellen at December 15, 2002 06:15 PM

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You knew I'd have to say something, didn't you?

One of the girls I work with has two kids (one is almost 4 and the other is not quite 1). The mother (my "she's so nice that I can't hate her" friend) is a size 1. She tried on size 0 pants and they were "a little tight". If she can get back to her previous size than you can too.
Keep up the good exercise (wish I could).

Posted by: Cindy on December 16, 2002 12:22 AM

Such an exciting time! Just a month to go until you find out what flavor the Jelly Belly is. Should begin to feel movement around that time also. That is when this whole experience becomes real. THINK PINK!! James needs a tiny girl cousin.

Posted by: Pat on December 16, 2002 09:53 AM

awww.... the sleep thing is only for a few months.... besides, your body isn't physically exhausted from the changes, so it isn't demanding AS MUCH rest.

We were lucky, Abby started sleeping through the night at about 7 or 8 weeks old..... pretty much... 11-5 counts as through the night, right??

it's not so bad when you take it in shifts (yes, put HIM to work too! He's the DADDY!).

Posted by: Jim S on December 16, 2002 02:58 PM
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