December 06, 2002
Shroud Facts

Ok, just go and browse the skepticTank's collection for yourself. Lots of good "old school" text collections from a time when the web was all about information (porn is information! :) ) and nobody'd ever heard of "flash animation".

I found this item on the Shroud of Turin particularly interesting. While a bit rambling and strange (it appears to be an old usenet post from "back in the day"), it does contain incredibly interesting points, such as:

  • Travelers' accounts from the 14th century (when it was first "discovered") frequently comment on how vivid and bright the image is.
  • The earliest known literary reference to the shroud is actually from an annoyed cleric writing the pope, ticked off that another church was making a ton of money off an obvious fake
  • Said cleric apparently dug up the guy who painted it and made him confess how he'd done it (unfortunately not included in the letter).
  • A real burial shroud would never have been laid over someone like a sheet. It would've been wrapped around them, and therefore made up of several different pieces.

Sometimes the internet is a huge sinkhole. Sometimes, though, it can be a shining beacon.

Posted by scott at December 06, 2002 11:16 AM

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