November 07, 2002
Blog List Change

As some may have already noticed, we've changed our blog list and linked it up to to make it easier to manage. From now on, your spot in the ranks will be determined by when you last updated. Nothing personal!

We've also added the following blogs which we like to visit regularly:

  • A Small Victory. Yet another pissed off yankee, who has attitudes so much like my wife's she might be a long-lost sister. I especially like the logo. If you want to know what Ellen is like when she wakes up in the morning, that's it. Just ask Neenah (nina? Gah...)
  • Joanie, subtitled hairy toes and the lemonade rhino, "have rack, will travel". A solid combination of information, humor, and outright silliness. Yet another reasonably normal person with entertaining insights on the world and her place in it.
  • Yourish. One of my guilty pleasures. She's not quite as outrageous as Maru (who is reaching ever-more-dizzying hights of purple prose now that the Evil Empire's conquest is complete), but she definitely has her moments. An unabashed and unapologetic supporter of Israel, and the sworn enemy of all things related to scientology, she can be a lot of fun. When she's not busy trying to die from pneumonia [respelled... thanks meryl!] that is. :)
  • Silflay Hraka, which gets my award for "most bizzare name for a blog", is a combination site like ours. A little bit of linking, a little bit of original content, and a whole lot of silliness combines to make a very entertaining site. They also do the "Carnival of the Vanities", a clearninghouse of good blog content.
  • Where is Raed, which I recently linked up in a different story, has thankfully not been bundled off by secret police and continues with his insider point of view on the whole Iraq thing.
  • Middle East and Morality, which still doesn't update enough, provides a first-person view of the events in and around Israel. Far, far more authentic than what you'll get from the monkies who infest the various press bureaus (bureaii?).
  • Heather Corrina, more a web site with a journal than a pure blog, reveals (and I do mean reveals) the day-to-day life of a professional artist and writer. A for-real Dharma without the frou-frou perky bits imposed by a Disney-owned network, combined with the grit, wit, and gumption of someone taught practicality through hard living. I think she's the only blogger on our list who actually might be making a bit of money off the whole thing.
  • Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, another links-and-original-content place like ours with a decidedly more political bent, who seems to be out to put it all in perspective just like we are. To my knowledge, the only weblog with its own theme song.

So there you have 'em! Please be sure to visit each one at least once (along with all the others we already link to), you'll be glad you did!

Also, I know I'm leaving some folks out. This is not a slight, it's just because I'm an old fart and can't remember things properly. If you link to us and you're not on this list, please e-mail or use the feedback thingy and we'll put you right up. Links for all!

Posted by scott at November 07, 2002 09:31 AM

eMail this entry!

I HAVE to check out this blogrolling thing!

Posted by: maru on November 7, 2002 02:51 PM

Wasn't hard at all. It gives you all the code you need.

Posted by: scott on November 7, 2002 03:03 PM

I signed up for an account last night, but then my email got fouled up. Maybe tonight I'll have a reply from them!

Posted by: maru on November 8, 2002 08:58 AM
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