October 02, 2002
36 Gallons and 1 Fish

Oscar has finally come out of hiding. He is also A LOT bigger than I really thought he was, so he was rather overdue on a new tank.

He has also discovered that he gets to eat more now. We were kinda not feeding him too much in fear that we would have a fish in too small of a tank and he would not be able to swim around. Now he is free to grow to the size of a football and won't have any problems.

One weird thing about this fish is you can HEAR him chomping on his oscar biscuits. Yeah, oscar biscuits. They are nearly the size of kix cereal. He swallows them whole and you can hear him breaking it apart in his mouth.

He has also discovered that the love of his life (me) has not left him. This fish will come up to the side of the tank now. If he sees me walk into the kitchen, (yeah, that is where his tank is) he comes out to greet me. You can actually get a decent look at him now too. He has also been on his best behavior so far. (Note: I said SO FAR) That means no jumping out of the tank yet. Yet...

Posted by Ellen at October 02, 2002 06:28 PM

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I was wondering if I could borrow your oscar for a while. I want to feed my gourami to it. Just think of the entertainment! Seriously, my gourami deserves it for eating 14 baby neons, one 5" long pleco fish, one 2.5" diameter angel fish and another gourami, all in 48 hours. HE DESERVES TO BE TORTURED!! MUHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAA!!!


Posted by: melbernai on October 3, 2002 06:03 PM
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