September 30, 2002
Moving Sucks Ass

Yeah ok, moving sucks. It's not the actual moving part of it. It's the part that you want to wring each other's neck for stupid little things. Most of it is personal tension.

My cats are upset. Upset so much that Coconut got lost on the steps last night. She has never seen stairs before and could not figure out where to go. Getting up at 2 am going "COCONUT!!! Up here!!!" is not fun. Not to mention that the house is so damn dark that Scott fell down the steps this morning ass first. *bumpity, thumpity THUMP!*

I can't find Ajax tonight. He needs his pills. Ted wants to eat Ajax's pills for him, but I told him no.

The Oscar is mad at me too. He got banged up in the move. He has a nice new 36 gallon tank, and has taken refuge between 2 large rocks. Not in the cave I made him. Damn fish. Not only that, but I managed to pack my fish net before moving the fish. Smart move right? So sunday I had to catch this fish with a glass measuring cup. It wasn't easy, but it got done.

Goblin has decided to take over the entire house as hers. She is the queen right now. Ted is cool with things. It took him 6 hours to get out of his cat carrier, but at least he is out and about now.

The apartment still as so much crap in it right now I have no idea what to do next.

Scott has made my computer 'wireless' which is soooo cool. I have such an awsome husband words cannot describe it cause my computer is now wireless and I am totally helpless with computers and he is such a computer god and I must worship him day and night. (phew-say that all in one breath!)

*He told me I had to post kudo points for him :)*

But yeah, moving sucks. I don't plan on moving for several more years again.

Posted by Ellen at September 30, 2002 09:39 PM

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Worship-day-and-night = ellenspeak for "get out of jail free card"

Good only for the next 15 minutes.


Posted by: scott on September 30, 2002 09:55 PM


at least she appreciates your geekiness.... my wife would shake her head and do it her way (not that she could hook up a computer, but the point is there....)

Yes, moving sucks, but nothing beats walking into the house and standing, turning around and looking around at everything and knowing IT'S YOURS! (well, and the bank.... but that's semantics...)


Posted by: Jim S on October 1, 2002 09:14 AM

Miss E. go buy night lights and put them in every room as well as on the stairs before someone breaks "his" neck. Grandkitties will adjust I just hate for them to be so upset. I guess closing them in the spare bedroom at night would be out of the questions until they get use to the new place? Take a day off from moving, don't unpack anything just relax. You have this entire month to finish up. ROTFLMAOPIMP at your post.

Posted by: Pat on October 1, 2002 01:00 PM

You seem to be missing a kitty - Where is Miss Magrat herself? No mention of the Dragon Cat makes Grandma nervous. LOL

Posted by: Pat on October 1, 2002 11:19 PM

reading the part about Scott falling down the stairs made me think about the part in Eddie Murphy Delirious when he was talking about Aunt Bunny falling down the stairs, mad funny shit.

Posted by: richie on October 2, 2002 04:48 AM

My shoe!!!

Posted by: Aunt Bunny on October 2, 2002 04:48 AM


Posted by: AMH on October 28, 2002 09:44 AM
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