September 30, 2002
We're Back, Sort of...

Well, we made the move! Thanks to Jeff & Cindy (brother & sister-in-law) for helping out with it all (trucks come in handy some times) on Saturday.

Some notes:

  • Traffic was nothing, nothing like I expected. Because we work 3 miles from each other, we get to take HOV lanes (High Occupancy Vehicles... must have at least 2 people in the car) nearly the whole way. We came in way too early, but it actually took a little less time than it takes just two hours later.
  • Do not attempt to purchase nuts and bolts for your bed after you've had a few beers. You end up sleeping on the floor for two nights because the bolts are too small.
  • Moving sucks.
  • Our new house is neat. Lots of small touches make it a pretty well laid out place so far.
  • Gas cooking is more gradual than I thought it would be. It seems to heat a little slower than electric, but the heat is much more even.
  • Shlepping laundry from the basement to the top bedroom is a leg workout.
  • Delivering laundry to the basement is a breeze
  • It is dangerous to walk up the stairs of our house on laundry day.

Those are the quickies I can think of right now. I'll have more later, and Ellen should be on as soon as I get the computers unpacked and hooked up.

Posted by scott at September 30, 2002 08:04 AM

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That is such super good news. I am glad everything went as smoothly as possible. I am never, never going to move again unless I can just walk away from everything, except my picture albums of course. Going to buy everything new if I have to move again. I have missed you both this weekend. I am so use to reading your post and talking to E. on Messenger.

Posted by: Pat on September 30, 2002 10:16 AM

Congratulations! Yay for the new house!

Posted by: Jessa June on September 30, 2002 07:52 PM
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