September 04, 2002
Top Computer Hoaxes

Providing direct support for 70 social work majors and indirect support for about another 1200 means I get three to five e-mail hoaxes mailed to me per week. I get just an eensy bit of a giggle from the ones who get the "your antivirus scanner won't detect this, so do that" and actually perform the procedure. Yeah, I know, very bad karma. But sometimes it's the only joy I get administering this cabbage patch.

Anyway, to make sure none of you fall into any of these traps, I present to you the Top 10 Computer Hoaxes of August. Please read at your earliest convenience, and always remember to Don't F*cking Open Me!

Posted by scott at September 04, 2002 03:33 PM

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You have yelled at me on several occasions not to open these things! Now which is it, can I open this or not. LOL

Posted by: Pat on September 4, 2002 06:29 PM
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