August 08, 2002
New Study Says Retroviruses Influenced Human Evolution

This news release summarizes the work of a group of geneticists at the University of Georgia. They claim to have discovered evidence of a viral mechanism that may have triggered the split between hominids and chimpanzees.

Posted by scott at August 08, 2002 09:18 AM

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scott this has nothing to do with your post, but the game we bought you last time you guys were up here, was it star wars jedi outcast? i dont know if it was or not, but if so did you ever beat it? i have some friends that say its too hard, and now hate the game. lemme know!


Posted by: on August 8, 2002 12:07 PM

Jedi Knight II, Jedi Outcast was the name of it. Yeah, it took me about two weeks to finish it, but overall it wasn't that hard. There were a few puzzles I got stuck on, but all I had to do was go on-line and find a walk-through to help me out.

I'm actually playing it through again right now on a higher difficulty level. Much more challenging. Maybe they chose the "HARD" setting instead of the "normal" setting?

Posted by: scott on August 8, 2002 12:27 PM
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