July 17, 2002

I put my 2 weeks in today at work. It only took me a year to do it. But I finally found my niche and swiped at the opportunity.

I am going to work at a "cats only" hospital. Yep, only feline medicine. Like I always said, "cats rule, dogs drool'.

I have always wanted to work with cats only. Dogs have always been too big and messy for me. Cats are so nice and dainty. yet they can turn into this evil being in less than 2 seconds. But I still find them fascinating.

Once again I am branching off into a different area of veterinary medicine. Last time I did this, I was in a research lab with some primates trying to understand the tests and research for HIV, SIV and hepatitis.

I think this will be an exciting adventure for me.

This hospital I will be working at is right by Scott's work so I have a nice walk everyday, plus it's right in between 2 metro stops too. It's a house. 2 levels. You walk in and it's very quaint, quiet and clean. Not a hospital at all. More comfortable. 4 cats walk around the place. 2 of them are British shorthairs. They own the place. Surgery, treatment and the cattery are all located upstairs *more exercise..yay*

I really like that place. I felt comfortable and welcome. You know when you are in an interview and you just feel like you don't belong, but this place was totally different.

Hopefully I will enjoy myself. Scott is surprised that I have not gone into a coma for just walking into a hospital with only cats in it.

I will let you all know how it goes once I fully start there.

Posted by Ellen at July 17, 2002 03:54 PM

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*Cats are so nice and dainty. yet they can turn into this evil being in less than 2 seconds.* Hmmmm Scott says the same thing about you :-) Congrats hope you enjoy this one.

Posted by: Jeff on July 18, 2002 09:15 AM

YES! I am so happy about the new job. I know how miserable a job you hate can make you. I know from personal experience.

Way to go Jeff. Nice way to stay on your sister-in-law's bad boy list. LOL

Posted by: Pat on July 18, 2002 10:30 AM

Does this mean I was a cat in a former life!???

Posted by: Ellen on July 18, 2002 05:41 PM

Yes indeed, you were a black cat with golden eyes in another life.

Posted by: Pat on July 18, 2002 08:07 PM
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