July 05, 2002
Greater Tuna

I took Scott to a play tonight at the Kennedy Center. YES! we can be cultured. We live in a city ya know. Might as well act snobby like the city folk. Dress up, go out, spend money on a play. Have a good time ect..

We went to see a play called Greater Tuna. All I have to say, or what Scott would say "it's a hoot". He can relate more to any of the play than I could. Why? Well, it's about the south. Not just the south, but TEXAS! * "Texas is its own thing, it's not the south"- my southern mama would say* To me, it is the south. Its south of NY, therefore it is the south.

The play only consists of 2 men playing a variety of characters. ALL of them are funny in their own way. Joe Sears and Jaston Williams are very talented guys. I should mention that the entire play takes place in a small town called "Tuna" in Texas. *According to the play its the 3rd smallest town in Texas.* The characters have their ups and downs. Big hearts, small minds according the playbill. I mean how can you not like a play that has silly ass people with a radio station of 750 watts of power? How can you not like Didi and her used weapon store? "If we can't kill it, then it's immortal".

From screwball families, to an animal shelter worker that is overburdened with cats, dogs and now homeless ducks. Don't forget the UFO that looks like a chalupa. "You know something's going wrong in Texas when Democrats have money and Republicans are learning Spanish!" Its all the charm of Tuna.

Scott and I have managed to see all 3 Tuna plays.*Backwards!* It all started off a few years ago by him getting free tickets from a friend at work. Apparently this guy's daughter worked or had something to do with the Warner Theater in DC. Well hey, free is free right? So we gave it a shot and it was great! *Red, White and Tuna* Last year we saw A Tuna Christmas. So like I said, we saw them backwards. But at least we have seen them all.

A Greater Tuna is celebrating its 20th year. Tour dates are up on their website. I suggest you check it out. ** Mama! they are coming to Little Rock in October- you need to get you and your friend's tickets and see it! I PROMISE you ladies will love it!**

As the guys would say in the play "This is OKKK Radio in Tuna, Texas, signing off."

IF you want to purchase Greater Tuna you can check it out at Amazon.

Posted by Ellen at July 05, 2002 10:43 PM

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I want to take my husband to Greater Tuna for his Birthday. He has been wanting to go for a long time, but we have been unemployed since April.

Posted by: Pat Seekatz on December 9, 2002 08:10 PM
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