June 20, 2002
Dance Class

Another 8 weeks of dance class is comming up! Guess what! I still suck! -well not as much.

I still can't do hand circles right holding my egg, it feels funny! AARRGHH! I suppose I'm not one of those right side of the brain ppl that tend to be artistic. Or is that left? I dunno. *laughs*

Graceful? whats that? I trip over carpet on a regular basis. Last week I tripped over the sidewalk and nothing was there to trip over. Turning is also a NO NO for me. I get dizzy.

At least I have a good time. I get out of the house. Meet nice people. Learn somthing new. *I have kept up with my New Year's Resoloution*

I know... practice, practice, practice.

*My mind sees one thing, my body does another- too bad it doesn't do it right!*


Posted by Ellen at June 20, 2002 05:29 PM

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