May 07, 2002

Ok. Now that we're actually past 200 entries I've given the archives a little bit of structure by filing them into categories. I've also added a "highlights" section that features what we consider the best of the best of what's on the site right now. There's a little bit of funny, a little bit of serious, and a little bit of rant over there.

Ellen doesn't have anything over there right this second because she's not around right now. I'm sure that'll change. I also want to add a "mail this link" thingy like scriptygoddess has, but it's turning out to be kind of a booger to get it working.

And of course there's a re-work of the whole site in the offing, I just have to find the uninterrupted time required to get it going. Maybe I can recruit my artist cousin. Hey Adam, you out there? Wanna help yer freeloadin' cuz make his website pretty? :)

As always, enjoy!

Posted by scott at May 07, 2002 03:15 PM

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I am very proud of your website. Well at least most of the time. I really like your categories and wish you could put in a way to forward some of your stuff. Looks more professional everyday. I will send Adam's addy and you can contant him yourself.

Posted by: Pat Johnson on May 7, 2002 04:09 PM
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