March 08, 2002

Things I am grateful for:

  • A wife that challenges and loves and deals with me.
  • A brother that compliments me.
  • A mother that taught me to see poetry in things.
  • A father that taught me to take people as they are, not as I want them to be.
  • A job that lets me play with things I want and make a difference at the same time.
  • A country that protects me and tries (however badly) to protect the world.
  • A world that, no matter how slowly or painfully, gets better as time goes by.

When I have children I will tell them that I can remember when:

  • there was no such thing as a computer you could buy yourself.
  • we all went to bed at night worrying whether the missiles would fall on us.
  • cancer was thought of as a big single disease and nearly always killed you.
  • I had a dog named BJ, and a cat named Panda.
  • people actually dressed like that.
  • I actually dressed like that.
  • there were only four channels on TV and everyone watched Walter Kronkite.
  • everyone knew who Walter Kronkite was.
  • spam was something you ate.
  • there were two Germanies, and you could get yourself shot trying to cross a street in Berlin.
  • Russians were Soviets and Soviets were bad.
  • their great grandmother stopped being a legend and started being a person.
  • their grandmother stopped being a nutball and started to be a grandmother.
  • their mother didn't know how to drive a car.
  • the only people that got into space were Russians.
  • everyone thought Poison was cool.
  • everyone knew Poison was a rock band.
  • people were actually dumb enough to trust the government.
  • people were actually dumb enough to hate the government.
  • their aunt was a little punk-ass kid that ran around with her fingers shaped like an "L" on her forehead.
  • the iron curtain was something people feared.
  • rubick's cubes drove everyone crazy.
  • pop-rocks were dangerous.
  • a Saturn V took off.
  • a shuttle exploded.
  • a web site was where a spider lived.
  • Ronald Regan wasn't just the name of an airport.
  • SALT didn't mean something you put on your food.
  • Henry Kissinger mattered.
  • we all thought it was a big deal when Russians and Americans met in space and didn't have weapons.
  • I waited in line for hours to watch The Empire Strikes Back premiere.
  • Bill Clinton was just the governor of Arkansas.
  • Bill Clinton wasn't the governor of Arkansas.
  • people thought it was bad that black folks and white folks would love each other.
  • Barry Manilow was king.
  • Donny and Marie was on Television.
  • Evil Kenevil tried to jump the Snake River canyon.
  • a turntable wasn't a musical instrument.
  • they were called albums, were black, and more than a foot across.
  • everyone used rotary phones.
  • everyone drank from tin cans.
  • if you loved a guy instead of a girl other people would try to kill you.
  • I couldn't believe my parents couldn't remember what time their 2nd grade math class was when they were little.
  • video games only cost a quarter.
  • a 19 inch television was a piece of furniture.
  • you recorded things on video tape.
  • you had to sit through all the commercials.
  • you had to get up to change the channel.
  • a lady married a prince.
  • that princess died.
  • we thought that mosquito repellent was just something you always brought to little league games.
  • their mother said "I love you" for the first time.
Posted by scott at March 08, 2002 11:54 AM

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very sweet:), yes you are STILL older than me!! :)

Posted by: Ellen on March 8, 2002 06:17 PM

Billy Joel had a hit record "We Didn't Start The Fire." and you were the only one in your class who knew what he was talking about.

Posted by: Pat on March 8, 2002 07:00 PM

When was I a nutball??

Posted by: Pat on March 8, 2002 07:02 PM
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