February 04, 2002
Second Week of Class

OK, why oh why can't I relax during class. You are supposed to be loose, not tight like me. Let it all hang out and relax. Tightness is a NO NO.

I STILL can't walk and shimmy at the same time. I'm going to have to practice my shimmies at work when I'm on the phone or somthing. My teacher also does not break down the steps for you in an easy way. She expects you to know it w/in 3 times showing you.

I also don't like her hand circles. They MAKE me want to be tight. You are supposed to hold an imaginary egg between your fingers . and then circle your wrists bakcward as if you are wiping out a jar. * you MUST be fluid in order for it to look right* If not, you look just plain dumb.

*Practice, Practice, Practice*

I DON'T even want to talk about traveling steps....

Posted by Ellen at February 04, 2002 09:56 PM

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