February 02, 2002
Hrmmm... where to start. I'm

Hrmmm... where to start.

I'm currently totally obsessed with Belly Dancing. I dunno why, but I am(maybe its my J-lo booty?). I'ts just sexy! I'm currently taking a class on it monday nights. Keeps me busy, what can I say. Perhaps one day I'll quit my professional job (licensed veterinary technician/veterinary dental technician-yes!!! I clean cat/dog teeth for a living!) and become a professional belly dancer.*SHIMMY!!!!* I'm actually good at it. You don't need lots of room, and I haven't fallen down yet!...did i metion yet? PLUS.. you don't have to wear shoes! WOOWOO!! The costumes are pretty damn elaborate and cool too. Take a look at some of the Belly Dance links I set up, they are pretty informative if you are interested. ** its the art of the dance..not the way your body looks...I already have a self-esteem issue on that (working on it..working on it)**

Posted by Ellen at February 02, 2002 11:40 AM

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