November 15, 2011
Tell 'em That It's Human Nature

David Brooks: "First came the atrocity, then came the vanity. The atrocity is what Jerry Sandusky has been accused of doing at Penn State. The vanity is the outraged reaction of a zillion commentators over the past week, whose indignation is based on the assumption that if they had been in Joe Paterno’s shoes, or assistant coach Mike McQueary’s shoes, they would have behaved better. They would have taken action and stopped any sexual assaults."

I try, very hard, to always remind myself that I should be very glad I've never been put in a situation like that. I would very much like to think I'd do the right thing. It's good to be reminded that, no matter what, human nature means there's a chance I might not. Humbling, that.

Posted by scott at November 15, 2011 08:53 AM

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