September 22, 2011
Rocket Shoes

Rand Simberg: "The problem is that ... the government ... has always supplied human spaceflight, and when you propose to do it in any other way ... the same cries arise: ďAre you crazy?! Why do you hate space exploration?! Spaceflight is hard! Only NASA knows how to put people into space! Who is going to do it if not NASA? These people are just hobbyists in garages! What if all of the commercial companies fail and go out of business?! ... What if they canít hit their cost targets? What material will they use? What if we canít store propellant in orbit?Ē

I actually have heard people make these arguments. I have a pizza bet with one of them. Read the whole thing.

Posted by scott at September 22, 2011 08:52 AM

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