October 13, 2010
Candidate: 1, Maddow: 0

Just because they're new candidates, doesn't mean they can't run an unprepared talk show host straight into the ground. A more masterful leverage of a satellite delay I have yet to see. She's obviously much more comfortable browbeating people in her studio. Charisma, good looks, and the novelty of the TV studio experience doesn't work as well to intimidate people when they're remote, everyone knows that. I'll bet her producer was crapping bricks about what Maddow would do to him or her once the interview was done. Don't mess with old men from the northwest, they're tougher than they look.

Posted by scott at October 13, 2010 09:09 AM

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In the big picture, I'd call it a draw. Those inclined to vote for him would, those who are already voting for the crook won't be swayed. As such, it's plain fun for him to take potshots like that.

Her bias really was evident. No doubt about it and him calling her on it was amusing.

Posted by: Ron ap Rhys on October 13, 2010 08:50 PM

I *LOVED* how he completely took control of the satellite delay to get his message out in the first, what, three minutes? It took Maddow almost the rest of the interview to start goofing on his "lack of understanding" of how a satellite interview worked. I also loved his, "Biatch, please, wtf you think I've been doing all this time?" expression when she started "explaining" how it all worked.

Posted by: scott on October 13, 2010 09:37 PM
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