July 25, 2010
Your Thoughts for the Day

Ganked from a Fark thread. Which will, of course, set off another round of recriminations from that weird crank who's taken permanent offense at our 403 error message. But I digress...

A quick Gun Thread guide by TK

1. 2nd amendment only refers to the military!
1. So are you a member of a well-regulated militia?

1a. Nope. The supreme court decided in DC vs. Heller that the "well regulated militia" was an "inclusionary" clause, not an "exclusionary" one. In short, the 2nd amendment legally means what the NRA has been saying it meant this entire time.

2. You're obviously compensating for something

2a. Ask your mom, she'd know.

3. Guns lead to crime!

3a. Nope. States with open carry have lower violent crime rates (after being balanced for population. Of course Wyoming has less crime than New York.. they have fewer people, too!)

4. What about "common sense" restrictions like background check, etc?

4a. If you have to beg for permission to do something, it's no longer a right. Personally, I don't think it's a great idea, the government having a nicely formatted list of everybody with so much as a pistol.. do you?

5. But those laws make it harder for criminals to get guns!

5a. And I'm sure all the criminals out there will choose to abide by your law instead of buying them off the black market.

6. Guns have no purpose but to kill people and should be banned!

6a. Tell that to the ladies and gentlemen who go down to the range every weekend to have some fun. Some people collect stamps, some people collect guns. Some people play golf, some people go target shooting. What business of yours is someone else's hobby that isn't affecting you?

7. What do you need such a dangerous tool for?

7a. None of your damned business. Less bluntly, a gun is only dangerous when misused, much like any other tool. Did you know that concealed carry permit holders are statistically the LEAST LIKELY group to commit a crime or unintentionally harm someone?

8. So since you view any restrictions on the 2nd as unconstitutional, clearly this means it's okay for you to develop a nuclear bomb in your garage.

8a. Nice strawman. Call me when that actually happens and actually makes it to court. Keep in mind that there are entirely different laws on weapons of mass destruction, even on an international level.

9. The founding fathers wouldn't know anything about the powerful weapons we have today, the 2nd doesn't cover those.
9. The 2nd amendment is a relic of a bygone era

9a. Who determines if a right enshrined in our constitution is "antiquated"? You? Haha. The legislature. Oh, whoops, they already decided that it was nothing of the sort. (see 1a). How would you feel if your right to free speech or right to face your accuser was deemed "antiquated"? That's basically what you're asking; on a constitutional level, both are equal.

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Posted by scott at July 25, 2010 04:54 PM

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"6. Guns have no purpose but to kill people and should be banned!

6a. Tell that to the ladies and gentlemen who go down to the range every weekend to have some fun."

Yeah, "fun", that's what I do in the mortuary every day, where I'm a volunteer amateur trocharizer. I mean, I'm just having fun when I practice the quickest way to dismember and disembowel a human body.

Look, I agree that private carriage of weapons is important to the security of the populace, but let's not pretend like guns aren't made for killing people.

Posted by: DensityDuck on July 28, 2010 03:54 PM
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