September 24, 2009
Well DUH!!!

It's like I say the words, and they become news the next day. Fortunately for the country, one state trying to soak the rich to pay for their progressive policies merely results in those rich moving their deposits, and therefore their liquidity, to friendlier states. Said friendlier states will then be able to indirectly leverage the cash for all sorts of useful things, like bond issues for infrastructure and small business loans for all of us. Progressives get disciplined, and conservatives get cash. Everyone wins!

The real risk is tax-and-spend at the federal level. There's no place to run inside the country then, so off the cash goes to some tropical location to help underwrite some corrupt third world regime. But hey, as long as it ensures the rest of us are unable live free of the progressive state, it's fine for those ingrates to leave, eh?

Posted by scott at September 24, 2009 06:51 AM

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